Tour Diocesano Museum

Tour Diocesano Museum

Cortona historic center

  Maximum duration 3 hours

  Difficulty: easy route

Tour description

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Church of San Domenico, Church of San Francesco. The Works are located in various small rooms, including the former Church of the Gesù with the Oratory frescoed in the 16th century by Cristoforo Gherardi known as the Doceno, based on a design by Giorgio Vasari. The inclusion in this path of some religious buildings of the city such as the Cathedral, the Church of San Francesco and San Domenico, is also to reconstruct the historical-religious provenance of the works of art.

The visit will begin with works dedicated to the 13th and 14th centuries, coming from the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita, to continue in the hall of the former Chiesa del Gesù with the Annunciation, an extraordinary work by Beato Angelico, and other artists such as Bartolomeo della Gatta, Pietro Lorenzetti , Sassetta, Domenico di Michelino.

We will continue with the paintings by Luca Signorelli and workshop including the Lamentation over the Dead Christ, a work with beautiful faces, bright and strong colors, attention to every detail and drama. The last part will be dedicated to the visit of works of the eighteenth century, the Oratory and the Liturgical Parade from the pontifical ceremony, donated by Cardinal Silvio Passerini to the Cathedral of Cortona, to end with the cartoons of the Via Crucis by Gino Severini protagonist and signatory of the Futurism. The itinerary will continue with the religious buildings mentioned.

Highlights of the tour

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Church of San Domenico
  • Church of San Francesco


All tours are very flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs and their respective interests, for example groups, pilgrimage, associations and individuals.

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