Tour Sansepolcro - Anghiari

Tour Sansepolcro and Anghiari

The tour takes place in Sansepolcro and Anghiari

  Sansepolcro + Ancghiari

  Maximum duration 5 hours

  Difficulty: easy route

Tour description

Valtiberina, an extraordinary territory, rich in history, art and nature, another corner of Tuscany on the border of Umbria. The valley takes its name from the Tiber river that runs through it from north to south. A precious valley, full of unique landscapes, to be discovered!

Sansepolcro, extends right into the Tiber plain, a legend says it was founded by two pilgrims Arcanio and Egidio returning from the Holy Land. The historic center, surrounded by walls, houses palaces, “pollarded” tower-houses and churches of great artistic importance. The Cathedral of San Giovanni Evangelista holds precious works including the oldest and most interesting, the Holy Face, a polychrome wooden Crucified Christ, dated 8th-10th century, with polychrome parts dating back to the 13th century, superimposed on two older layers.

In the main altar there is the Polyptych by Niccolò di Segna, the Risen Christ, emblem of the city. Next to the Cathedral we will find the Palazzo delle Laudi and the Palazzo Pretorio with a facade enriched by various coats of arms of Captains and Commissioners. Sansepolcro is the birthplace of Maestro Piero della Francesca who left important works, now housed in the Palazzo della Residenza, seat of the Civic Museum: the Polyptych of Mercy, the Resurrection banner of the City, the San Ludovico and the San Giuliano. We will visit the house of Piero della Francesca externally and from Piazza Torre Berta we will walk through the city, Corso XX Settembre.

Another jewel surrounded by perfectly preserved walls is Anghiari, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which preserves its medieval aspect unaltered. The visit starts from the upper part, to reach, through suggestive alleys and panoramic views, the Abbey of San Bartolomeo of ancient origin, the Piazzola today Piazza del Popolo where the Palazzo Pretorio is located, on the facade there are coats of arms of Vicars and Podestà.

The heart of the village was called the Borghetto, where in addition to the tower houses there were artisan shops and markets. The medieval tower-houses present in the Borghetto were over time transformed into palaces, including Palazzo Taglieschi and Palazzo del Marzocco. Through an arched passage, we will reach the ancient Via di Ronda, a route of the well-preserved walls used by the soldiers, which passes right under the apse of Sant’Agostino, to reach a panoramic view towards the plain of the Tiber Valley , where the Battle of Anghiari was fought on 29 June 1440.

Palazzo Taglieschi is the seat of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of Valtiberina.
Palazzo del Marzocco is home to the Museum of the Battle of Anghiari, where we remember the famous Battle of 1440 and the fate of Leonardo da Vinci’s work for Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the museum contains archaeological sections and the “Catoricio di Anghiari” mockery that the inhabitants of Sansepolcro made to the Anghiaresi in 1450.

Highlights of the tour


  • Piero della Francesca Gardens
  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo delle Laudi
  • Cathedral of San Giovanni Evangelista
  • Civic Museum Palazzo della Residenza (ticket and reservation)
  • Piazza Torre Berta and Corso XX Settembre


  • Piazza del Popolo. Badia di San Bartolomeo. Palazzo Taglieschi and Palazzo del Marzocco
  • La Ronda
  • Borghetto
  • Palazzo Pretorio

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