Other Tours in Cortona

On this page you will find some proposals for itineraries in historic cities and the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Classic city tour of Arezzo

Arezzo has a combination of civil and religious buildings of extraordinary architecture, which make the city fascinating, elegant and of great visual impact. The guided tour will allow you to learn about its history, art, suggestive corners and historical re-enactments.

  Durata Max 3 ore
  Difficulty: easy route

Sansepolcro and Anghiari tour

Visit of the city of Sansepolcro and the village of Anghiari “among the most beautiful villages in Italy”. Sansepolcro the city of Piero della Francesca, rich in history and artistic beauties, extends into the plain of the Tiber river. Anghiari, a splendid village that retains its typical medieval aspect.


  Sansepolcro + Anghiari
  Duration Max 5 hours
  Difficulty: easy route

Tour in the upper Val Tiberina

There are many reasons for a Guided Tour in the upper Tiber Valley, an extraordinary area in the province of Arezzo rich in history, art, landscapes, traditions, gastronomy with dishes based on mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts and good wine.


  Alta Val Tiberina
  Duration Max 2 hours
  Difficulty: easy route

Tour Borgo di Poppi and Castello dei Conti Guidi

Poppi, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in the province of Arezzo. An itinerary through the Castellana Architecture and the panoramic beauties of the Casentino and its many mountain traditions, including the famous Panno del Casentino.

  Duration Max 3 hours
  Difficulty: easy route

Tour Lucignano

Visit of the characteristic village of Lucignano in Valdichiana preserves its elliptical shape of a medieval layout with circumcentric road rings, which have remained intact over the centuries. In January 2020 Lucignano was nominated among the most beautiful villages in Italy.


  Centro Storico di Lucignano
  Duration Max 3 hours
  Difficulty: easy route