Tour Borgo di Poppi

Tour Borgo di Poppi + Castello dei Conti Guidi

The tour takes place over a whole day


  Maximum duration 5 hours

  Difficulty easy route

Tour description

Poppi, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located in the Valdarno Casentinese in the province of Arezzo. An itinerary that will allow you to get to know the castle architecture and the panoramic beauties of the Casentino, with the Arno river flowing at the foot of the ancient village. The Castle sees its events linked to the Conti Guidi family who lived there for four centuries, then passing in the fifteenth century under the dominion of Florence.

The visit will allow you to understand the building and the development of its environments and architecture over time.

We will retrace the places where the weapons depots, warehouses, soldiers’ quarters, stables were located, up to the upper floors through stone stairways and wooden galleries, with the rooms of the Counts and the family chapel frescoed by Taddeo Gaddi pupil of Giotto. Certainly part of the history of the Castle is also the presence of the ancient prisons, where you will see the fate of those who committed serious crimes or minor crimes, well … the more serious the crime was, the lower you were thrown!

Also inside is the valuable Rilli Orsini Library with ancient manuscripts in sheets of various materials such as: silk, papyrus, 12th century parchments. Inside the castle there is the reconstruction of one of the most important battles in Florence, the Battle of Campaldino between Florence and Arezzo where Dante Alighieri also participated.

Dante lived in these places hosted in the various Castles of the Conti Guidi, in the residence of Poppi he was hosted in 1310 for almost a year. The Casentino area offers multiple possibilities for cultural and religious itineraries thanks to the presence of La Verna, one of the major places of Franciscan spirituality and where St. Francis received the Stigmata.

La Verna is surrounded by a centuries-old beech forest, unique, wonderful! The work of the Friars and the devotion of many benefactors have enriched the place with valuable works of art, especially in glazed terracotta by the Della Robbia masters of the fifteenth century, used in these places precisely for their resistance to the harsh climate.

The precipice, the prominent stone, the corridor and the chapel of the Stigmata, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, will be the places of this journey between spirituality and nature

Highlights of the tour

  • Oratory of the Madonna del Morbo
  • Badia San Fedele
  • Castle of Conti Guidi (Ticket and reservation required)

All tours are very flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs and their respective interests, for example groups, pilgrimage, associations and individuals.

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