Cortona Historic Center Tour

Cortona Historic Center Tour

Discovering the historic center

Cortona historic center

  Maximum duration 3 hours

  Difficulty easy route

Tour description

The guided tour will allow you to learn about history, art, re-enactments and many curiosities.
Enchanting corners and panoramic views, towards the Valdichiana and the Cortonese mountain, will be another visiting card of this corner of Tuscany.

The main squares are framed by elegant and austere noble and civil palaces such as: the Palazzo del Comune, the Palazzo Casali, the nineteenth-century Teatro Signorelli, and the valuable churches with a rich artistic heritage, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of San Francesco and the Church of San Domenico. A succession of Medieval and Renaissance Architecture.

We will walk through one of the many “jewel of Cortona” alleys with the typical medieval houses, to reach the Corso, with local handicraft shops and typical products of the area.

The final photo shoot for this interesting itinerary will be in one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces: Piazza Garibaldi “the Balcony of the Valdichiana”.

The routes can also start from the upper part of the city, easily reachable by tourist buses, where there is the Basilica of Santa Margherita, the Fortress and the enchanting Poggio, where suggestive alleys, churches, monasteries rich in history and works of art, complete the artistic heritage.

Highlights of the tour

  • Palazzo del Comune, Palazzo Passerini e Piazza  Pescheria
  • Piazza Signorelli con Palazzo Casali ed il Teatro Signorelli
  • Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta
  • Vicoli e scorci caratteristici con suggestive abitazioni  medioevali
  • Chiesa di San Francesco
  • Via Nazionale tra negozi di artigianato e prodotti tipici
  • Piazza Garibaldi “il balcone panoramico verso la Valdichina”

All tours are very flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs and their respective interests, for example groups, pilgrimage, associations and individuals.

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